Fixed purchase prices continued to decline in the global PV power generation under, photovoltaic technology developers, investors and operators who have found that increasing pressure on them to find a kind of model of economy makes the photovoltaic project investment to obtain maximum profit returns.
The solar tracking system to photovoltaic panel can continue to face the sun during the day, thus significantly improve the total power generation. In addition to tracking system, without any other power equipment such as promoting solar power plant performance index.

Huahong technology solar tracking system is a high return product solution, to make photovoltaic power generation projects to obtain higher profits in the cost under pressure. The redundant Huahong technology horizontal single axis tracking system in the aspects of economy and reliability, especially attractive. Flat single axis tracking system, the most suitable for relatively low latitude. While the flat single axis system with inclined angle is usually used in the higher latitude. If the project requires power as much as possible, two axis solar tracking system is a very good choice. It can make solar modules is always in an optimum range for the sun, so it can get the maximum output. High concentration dual axis tracking system has very high tracking accuracy, suitable for high concentration photovoltaic power station.




Horizontal tracking system