Ground support Huahong science and technology solutions according to the specific situation of each customer specific design, as far as possible to reduce the workload of installation, does not require on-site drilling, welding and other operations.
The cost of materials is a must consider the event in the fierce competition in the photovoltaic industry. However, for a development is a mature industry, every kilograms of the material cost is no longer the only measure of product competitiveness index. The total cost of the solution China macro technology, on the one hand by the material cost competitiveness, simple and rapid effect is an important factor in the installation.
Huahong technology is constantly striving to increase the added value of products. In the product, packaging, shipping and other pre installed logistics management, cable integration, ease of installation, training and other aspects of operation and maintenance to provide customers with more value.
Huahong science and technology in the world within the scope of the project has the total installed capacity of more than 1GW, accumulated rich experience. In addition, Hua Hong technology is also constantly expanding their own professional field, the development of different products with different characteristics. The product development of Chinese macro science and technology is always aimed at the specific characteristics of the project, such as harsh climate environment, desert, rock and other challenging terrain for product development. It also provides solutions for a number of applications, such as agricultural land and fishing grounds, and so on.



Ground mounting system