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Huahong technology is the world's leading sun tracking and support system solutions providers and manufacturers, is committed to providing products and services related to sun tracking and support system for public utilities, commercial, industrial and residential projects. Since 2009, the total amount of Chinese macro technology projects have been installed in more than 1GW, in more than 10 countries and regions have completed hundreds of projects. Hua Hong technology has been committed to research and development of innovative technologies to help projects around the world to improve the efficiency of solar power to gain sustained and stable long-term gains.

Hua Hong - photovoltaic power plant outstanding suppliers!

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Professional design, stable quality, efficient after sale, to achieve long-term value and gain power plant.

Horizontal tracking system

Horizontal single axis tracking system has the advantages of low cost, simple installation and low maintenance cost advantages,
So its cost effectiveness is the most outstanding, is widely used in the global scope.

Roof system


Hua Hong technology powerful installation and optimization solutions, so that the various types of roof photovoltaic power generation installation has become more rapid and simple. Our goal is to reduce the overall system costs, improve efficiency, improve security and life.

Ground mounting system

Ground support China macro technology solutions for specific conditions for each customer
Design, as far as possible to reduce the workload and cost of installation.